So you're here for the eyeballs.

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Off-cycle order information~

Orders will remain open through April 1st. At that point, the survey will be closed and you will receive an invoice in your email in 1-3 days. Dice may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered to account for logistics and shipping. On your invoice will be the price of each item ordered, a logistics fee (shipping from China, customs fees, and any additional duties related to importation which is divided up evenly between all orders), and an accurate shipping fee based on the weight of your order and your zip code. Due to the massive influx of orders, please be patient with me, as I'm a one-man operation. Feel free to reach out to with any additional questions.

About the dice

These items are not handmade but are mass produced by the manufacturer Yusun, a well known manufacturer in the dice collecting hobby (you likely already have some of their dice in your own collection!). They are made with resin and are fairly heavy, which will result in slightly higher shipping costs than you may normally expect from the dice club. While these dice aren't rated for casino use, they are just as balanced as any other dice used for ttrpgs.

Missed your chance?

If there are any unclaimed dice due to unpaid invoices, some may be raffled off through my tiktok (@ishliayaq), and others may appear in an upcoming "Unclaimed Dice" shop. Please stay tuned for updates regarding unclaimed dice.