My name is Ishy and I sell dice.

The May order, "Prehistoric," is officially open! Click below to get your own ancient dice before they go extinct.

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What is Ishy's Dice Club?

The dice club uses a group-order model to bring luxury dice to consumers and businesses at near-wholesale prices, avoiding minimum order quantities that purchasing direct from the manufacturer usually requires. Rather than having regular stock like a typical online store, the dice club takes pre-orders for curated sets of dice every other month. These sets are curated by me, Ishy, and then voted on by customers to ensure only the highest quality and most desirable sets appear in each order. All the benefit of a subscription service without the commitment.

How does it work?

Every other month, I curate a few sets of each kind of dice (sharp-edge, metal, "gemstone," wood, soft-edge, oversized, etc) and share the selection in my discord server for a vote. After the vote, the winning sets are included in the next order. During the order period, a link to a google form will be shared through newsletter, discord, and posted on the homepage (here) where you can submit your order. After the order period concludes, I will send out invoices for each order including logistics (the cost of receiving the orders from China, split evenly between all customers for the period), each set ordered, and accurate shipping costs. The dice can take 4-6 weeks to arriveā€”a side-effect of the group-order model.

Why the dice club?

I value transparency. There is a recent trend in the retail of manufactured dice to obfuscate where they are produced, to suggest dice are handmade when they are not, or to lie about the quality to justify up-charging for the product. I detail out which manufacturer each order is coming from, where you can view their wholesale costs yourself, as well as what the recommended retail rates are for the sets that I sell. I am upfront about the material each set is made from. When you order from me, you know exactly what you're getting.